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The numbers automatically advance and provide consistent
impressions. Solid brass typewheels provide superior imprint
The Widmer Model R-3-S Check Signer is a sturdy and easy to use machine
that allows checks to be signed instantaneously and accurately. Outer all
metal casing makes the machine near indestructible as well as reliable.
Machine comes with a case lock that allows for dependable security as well as
a removable die holder for added protection (optional electric security lock
available as well).
The Widmer Model R-3-S Check Signer
NOTE: Widmer Model RS-O prints up to 4 lines of text and endorses documents
The Widmer Model RS-O High-Speed Imprinting Machine adds new dimensions to
the concept of productivity and versatility. The versatile RS will position your
endorsement on the top of any check, or any place you want it, complying with all
federal endorsement regulations. And, its features are unparalleled in programmable
accuracy, to within 1/32 of an inch. The Model RS-O High-Speed Imprinting Machine
not only signs laser-generated checks, but also imprints labels, fixed messages and
can sign, validate, date, and count endless numbers of office forms, letters,
warranties, purchase orders, and much more.Virtually any size, and any location on
the page.
Widmer Model RS-O
Model An-E - Numbering Machine
Model ADN-E - Date - Numbering Machine