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Since 1995 Timedok has been servicing the County and District Clerks of Texas and surrounding states with the sales and service of Rapidprint and
Widmer Time File Stamps. Customer service is our goal while providing you the absolute best in the industry.  

While technology marches on, we here at Timedok have listened to you and know; that these machines are here to stay.  Even with the recent
implementation of E-File, the mechanical file stamp will remain a standard for many years to come.

Rapidprint and Widmer products are made in the United States, complete from the foundry to the motors inside them.  That is probably why I have
replaced the year wheels in some machines three times now.  That is thirty years!   Where else can you buy something that is still going after 30 years?

We take pride in our service work and will not send it out of the shop until we are confident that everything is as perfect as it can be.

Since we started in 1995, our business has grown, taking in machines from all over the country.  We even have worked with people in Quam and Puerto
Rico.  If you can ship it to us, we can assist you.

Occasionally we take on new partners in the form of vendors.  We do this because you have expressed a desire or need that we can quickly fill.

Building relationships with you over the years, we also have built some with vendors who supply goods and services that make sense to offer.  Please
bookmark our site and check back often as we are expanding.

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