Timedok started out as a subsidiary of Taylor and Associates.  IT service and Disaster
Recovery put us on a collision course to blend the old technology with the new. File Date
Stamps have been around since the late 1930s, and the need is still there today.  
Technology can only do so much.

With Fewer and fewer people able to properly repair these machines, our niche market
grew.  Since the company started Timedok has serviced thousands of machines.  

The business needs of our customers dictate the direction of our company.  From legacy
products to technology we are here for you.

Direct any questions to DOK@timedok.com

Q: Do you make service calls?
A: Yes on rare occasions we will agree to come out on site if you have a piece of equipment that can be repaired in
the field without making too much of a mess.  In order to facilitate a proper repair on most equipment, it
must be disassembled, soaked in cleaning solution, worn parts removed and replaced and then surgically lubricated
with the proper chemicals.  This is impractical in the field.  The chemicals must be used in a well
ventilated area and, the ink splatter is a huge mess.  

Q: How long does a repair take?
A: Usually two weeks from the time it hits the bench to the time we return it.  Once repaired we know within hours if it
will work but, due to infant mortality of certain parts, which happens on rare occasions, we like to test
them for a few days after they are repaired.  Discuss your needs with us before shipping.

Q: How much will a repair cost?
A: We charge a flat rate for labor.  If it requires a complete rebuild the labor cost is the same.  My stopping point is
when the cost of repair reaches a third the cost of a new machine.  If your machine is very old I may
adjust that to a fourth the price of its replacement.  We expect that once a device leaves the shop that you will get
many years of use from it, if taken care of.

Q: Do you sell ribbons?  How often should they be replaced?
A: Yes we have ribbons and ink rollers for sale, and I have a good price on them.  Depending upon your location
and usage, ribbons should be replaced about once a month.  We tell people to take an imprint using a new
ribbon and then post that imprint near the machine.  Much like new brakes on your car wear over time, so too does
the mark fades.  If you have an example of what it should look like close to the machine, anyone
using the device can tell when it is getting too light.  One should never adjust the imprint pressure to accommodate
for a dry ribbon.  The goal of adjusting the pressure is to get a good print with a new ribbon with as
light as strike force as possible.  This will be easier on your machine causing much less wear and tear, thus
extending its life.

Q: How do I know if my machines are worth repairing?
A: Call with the serial numbers. We can give you an approximate age and cost to replace vs. repair.  Usually, it is a
good idea to have us refurbish your machines for you vs. spending $1000.00 for a new one.  Once
in my shop, We will call you if your appliance is a candidate for replacement after we do a triage of your device.

Q: How should we ship it to you?
A: Keep the key unless we request it.  If so, remove the key and place it in an envelope placed inside the box.
Wrap your machiune in bubble wrap or take it to a UPS store and have them wrap it for you.  Once wrapped like a
football, place it into a sturdy box making sure that it does not move inside the box when taped shut.  Include a note
with your information, what your complaint is with the machine, and any special instructions.  Even if we have spoken
on the phone, please include a note to jog our memory.  Once returned it will be in a factory
shipping carton, keep that carton for future needs.  Usually, we can get two or three round trips per carton and they
cost over $12 each.

Ship to:
3044 Old Denton Rd 111-177
Carrollton Texas 75007
All refurbished equipment comes with a 90-day warranty.

TimeDok tests all machines before they leave the shop, and warrants all units to be free of defects for 90 days
from the date of

Serviced machines carry a one year warranty on replaced parts; 90 days on labor.

TimeDok replaces all parts that are deemed to be out of factory specs with genuine OEM replacement parts.  

Every serviced machine will be bench tested for two weeks before it is returned; however, if the customer,
understanding the risks expresses a desire to have their equipment returned in a shorter amount of time
(limited bench testing), TimeDok will do so.

But, if a warranty issue happens, the customer will be responsible for all shipping costs incurred to resolve the

TimeDok assumes no liability for lost production or expenses incurred for any premature failures of newly serviced
and returned machines or for any refurbished machines purchased.

TimeDok will repair or replace at their discretion any refurbished equipment that was sold and found to be
defective during the warranty period.

Abuse of the machine or customer attempted adjustments and/or repairs will void all warranties.

There are no other warranties either expressed or implied.

TimeDok assumes no responsibility for equipment that is damaged or lost in shipment; either to or from the
customer’s location.

It is the responsibility of the client that equipment being sent in for repair is properly packaged and insured for
TimeDok will make similar considerations when sending equipment to the customer.

TimeDok will (for a nominal fee) send you a factory shipping carton with a prepaid UPS shipping label.
Why don't you answer the phone?

This question we hear at least twice a week.  If caller ID tells me who it is (not blocked) we will pick up.
I screen my calls, so if you get Voice mail just start talking. If I am in the office and able, I will grab the phone.

We get hundreds of calls a week, and a large percentage of them are robots.  My time is worth money, and I
cannot afford to waste it talking with robots or call centers in a country that I cannot pronounce.

We want to speak with you. Spam phone calls dictate that I either hire someone to sit and speak to robots all day,
or I allow the machine to ignore them on my behalf.  Screening calls works...Trust me.

If your phone is
"UNKNOWN NUMBER"  Talk after the tone.  Thanks!