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Model 112-905 Perforator

*Security Key
*Power Save Switch
*Electronic Perforators for Dating,
Numbering & Cancelling
*8-Digit Dating/Numbering
*10-Digit Dating/Numbering
*Paid & Date (8-Digits)
*Upper line & Date (8-Digits)
*Two Lines & Date (8-Digits)

Can perforate up to 30 pages at once
Model P420V-SP Perforator
The Widmer P420V-SP Perforator is a cost-effective, reliable easy-to-
use method of conforming to regulations regarding the “VOID”
perforation of individual driver licenses that are subject to surrender
under Legislation #384.211. This unit is capable of perforating the
word “VOID” in the surrender documents that are U.S. style, plastic
coated ID’s and drivers licenses.
Model 10-905 Perforator
Outer Dimensions: 240×340×265mm
Weight: 24.0kgs.
Perforating Ability: 20 sheets of 64gs/m2 paper when 7-digits are perforated
Power Requirements: 100V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V 50/60Hz (Other
voltages available on request)
Using mode: “SINGLE USE” mode only rating within 30 min.
Die-block: 911-10N
Model 10-905 Perforator
The Widmer Model P-400 Perforator is a steadfast and sturdy tabletop perforator
that is both compact and portable. This machine is safe and easy to operate. The
extra long lever provides a smooth, single cutting action. This secure method of
punching holes in documents permanently cancels or validates up to 8 documents
Model P-400 Perforator