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From Time to Time we get a machine in here that we believe can be refurbished to the point where someone will get many good years of service
using it.  Any machine sold on this site will include a 90day warranty.  If you are budget restrained, check here often.  Timedok will not put
anything here that does not meet our tough standards.  There may be a lag time between a machine being sold and the time it takes to alter the
web site.  In the past, we have created a list of people to contact, who are interested in a refurbished machine.
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Year wheel goes to 2024
Year Wheel goes to 2023
As promised I have a couple of refurbished Rapidprint machines ready for those who might be budget constrained.  They are both solid
working machines.  The machine on the left has a little bit of cosmetic blemish to it but it is a fine machine with a year wheel that is good thrue

The other machine is a little nicer looking machine, also a workhorse with a year wheel that will last until 2024, runs out in 2023.  Since I repair
these When the time I right, I can clean it, repair anything that might need it and put a new year wheel on it for you.

If you are replacing a dead machine like this or a Widmer, your old plates should work just fine.  If you need custom plates, ask me when you
order either one of these and I can get them made for you.  I will professionally install them before I ship it out to you.

Plates usually run around $100 give or take depending upon what you have on them.  Call or email for Quote.

These will go fast so if you want one let me know, first come first serve.  Yes I stand behind them, you get a 90 day warranty.

These machines have been tested for no less than 2 weeks and are keeping perfect time and date.

$325 each, plus shipping and plates if you need them.