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Widmer's E-3
Electric embosser is instantaneous, accurate and low cost. This embosser is
perfect for single sheet certificates, diplomas, and legal documents.

Single hand operation, no buttons to push. The trigger mechanism can be
set to at the same consistent depth and a guide shelf is available to allow for
correct positioning every time. Stamping pressure can be easily electronically
adjusted so the dies do not cut through the document.


The seals can have simple engraving, text only at the base price or complex
designs on quote. Seals can print on the edge of the document, using
extension trigger option, or up to a maximum of 3· in depth. There is no
standard trigger depth as it would vary with the diameter of the seal.
NOTE: The Model 776TV prints a seal, date, signature and title. The Widmer Model
776TV Ink Seal creates a printed seal into a document and prints a combination of
signature, title, date and additional text—all in one easy step! Signature and text may
be printed in single or tri-colored ink. The print/emboss trigger is paper activated—no
buttons to push or levers to pull.  Iron cast upper and lower casing insures stability
and long life.
The Model T2E Electric Embosser makes a raised impression by dry stamping all
kinds of documents. For precise positioning of the print, the machine is equipped with
a stop with adjustable brackets. Embossing is essential to secure official documents,
photos, or to add a logo or other raised symbol on business cards, stationery, etc.
Depending on paper weight, you can stamp 1 to 10 sheets at once. The Model T2E
Electric Embosser is also equipped with a manual pressure control device. The
impression is created by triggering a microswitch, or pressing a button which
activates the stamping after the insertion of paper.
NOTE: The T2E is built to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.
T2e $5,295 Suggested Retail
Model 776TV Ink Seal
$1,995.00 Suggested Retail
E-3 $1,140.00 Suggested Retail
Model 776-E Embosser
$1,954.00 Suggested Retail
A sturdy, unyielding cast iron embosser imprints a raised seal (dry seal) into your
document as well as printing a combination of a signature, title, date and additional
text of your choice.
example seal
Made in the USA